In this episode we have a trip report with tips on planning a Walt Disney World vacation at Christmas.  My guest is Dana White from the popular blog and podcast A Slob Comes Clean.

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Chat with Sean Duffy from The Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast.  He shares his recent vacation that included some beach time on the Atlantic coast, and a couple of days over at Disney's Polynesian Villa Resort.

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This episode is full of amazing content that I am calling this a 3-in-1 podcast.  My guest has great information comparing Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, but also has the bonus content of cruising with a small child (her son was 20 months old at the time of these vacations) and cruising gluten-free.

My guest is Christy Pudyk
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Christy wrote a blog over on her site that covers all the information we went over today on the podcast.  Check it out over at:

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Last summer Hollywood Studios celebrated Frozen Summer Fun.  Since it was so popular last year they are bringing it back in celebration of the Coolest Summer Ever.  This episode also includes a trip report of our 2014 experience with the Premium Package.


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Follow us on our upcoming vacation on Periscope.  Ryan will be posting live videos and his Periscope name is RyanSKTTWTravel.

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In this episode I am joined by Angie Muma and we discuss our money saving strategies for a Walt Disney World Vacation.  


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Guest Katie Miller from Mouse World Travel shares her tips for solo cruise travel and talks about her recent stay at Coronado Springs Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida.

You can find more information about Katie at:
Or you can email her at
Twitter @DelightfulPlace


Katie is an experienced cruiser with Disney Cruise Line and is getting ready to go on her 9th cruise.

Solo Travel Tips

Most cruise lines charge a single supplement charge for solo travelers, which means you will pay the cost of 2 people in the room even though there is only one person traveling.

To save some money on your cruise, look for cruises that travel on the off-season.  Off-season is late January and early February.  Also in the Fall when children are in school.

Look for a 'Guarantee' rate when you are looking to book close to the time travel.  You may be able to save some money.

Connect with fellow travelers on your cruise via Internet communities.  Facebook is a great place to find a group.

If you are traveling with friends you can link components of your reservation so you can share travel experiences, like dining and shore excursions.
You can eat at Cabanas for dinner to have a more relaxed meal if you don't feel like going to the dining rotation scheduled for the evening.

Spa offers day or cruise long passes for the Rainforest Room.  You can buy a one person pass or a 2 person pass and the 2nd person does not need to be a family member in your cabin.  It can be a friend.

Take advantage of all the fun activities on-board.
Napkin folding is great.
Mixology classes are a great value since you can get several alcoholic drinks that you make during the lesson.
There are also a variety of tastings; wine, whiskey, rum, etc.

Disney Cruise Line has an app that can use the ship's Wi-Fi free of charge to keep up with the planned activities on the ship.  

Major sporting events will be broadcast on the ships.  The Super Bowl was projected on the Funnel screen that is set up on deck.

Look at room category 5E since they have a great balcony that is very roomy.

Castaway Cay is Disney's private island and is gorgeous.

Safety considerations for solo travel is to stay smart.  Don't advertise that you are alone.  Don't do anything on vacation that you won't do at home.  

Katie's last cruise she spent 5 nights pre-cruise at Coronado Springs Resort in a business class room.  She loved it.  The business class room has perks of being close to the main lobby and a business lounge with breakfast and snacks throughout the day.  This class of rooms are available here since Coronado Springs is a convention hotel. 

Great Additional Resources from Most Delightful Place Blog 
5 Tips for Cruising Solo
Dining Plan : Did I save Money?
Pros and Cons of Dining Plan

YouTube Video of her category 5E room

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Food costs are a large part of the vacation budget.  One way to save money is to keep groceries in your room for quick meals, drinks, and snacks.  Even just having your own beverages can save you a ton of money.  All the resorts on Disney property have the mini-fridges in them that really makes this a breeze now.  


We do this on all our vacations, whether it is visiting family in Pennsylvania when we are staying at a Super 8 or at the Grand Californian in Disneyland.  We keep food in our room to save money.


Here are some of the options I am familiar with (meaning I have done this):

WeGoShop   Over at there is a blog post about my experience on our last vacation.

Having a rental car on your vacation.

Using a taxi.

Bringing your own in your luggage.

Buy from the resort gift shop.  

Here are some other options that I am familiar with but have not used.


Garden Grocer


Ordering from companies online for delivery. typically offers delivery for orders over $25.  I believe Wal-Mart, Staples, Target, as well as some other options I am not thinking of should work.   I say should, because unfortunately I have heard online the stories of  deliveries not making it.  You might not get your food or it may come a couple of days into your vacation.  Deliveries need to have the person’s name that the reservation is in for Bell Services to accept the package and their reservation number if possible.  I would be too nervous if I was counting on this from my vacation.    

Hess stations.  Across from Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk Resort is Hess gas stations.  People have walked over and picked up supplies.  


I say stick with Garden Grocer or WeGoShop if you want the delivery.



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My guests Chad & Sarah Quillen tell us about their recent vacation to Orlando.

Stayed at The Fountains.

Day 1 - Sea World - Dolphin Encounter & All-Day Dining Plan

Day 2 - Rest Day

Day 3 - Universal Orlando Resort

Day 4 - Clearwater Marine Aquarium & then went to the beach.  

For the Beach they parked near Frenchy's Rockaway Grill and ate dinner here.

Day 5 - Downtown Disney with lunch at T-Rex Cafe.


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My boys (ages 8 & 7) went to see Cinderella today.  Here are our quick thoughts.


Frozen Fever - Played before the movie.

Released March 13, 2015


Your favorite Frozen characters are back in a 7 minute short before Cinderella. 

 Also announced this week that a full-animation sequel to Frozen is in the works while a release date has not been announced.  This is logical considering Frozen is the top grossing animated film of all time at 1.2 billion dollars.



Released March 13, 2015


Lady Tremaine  - Cate Blanchett

Cinerella - Lily James

Prince Charming (Kitt) - Richard Madden

Fairy Godmother - Helena Bonham Carter


I attended with 2 boys.  They were 7 & 8 and they are very much into the Disney princess movies.  Everyone loved the movie.


It is true to the classic animated version.  I think Disney took some flack with the Malificient remake and that so many of the plot points were modified.

We do learn some of the motives that are glossed over in the original.

We learn why Cinderella was so eager to go to the ball.

A part of why Lady Tremaine is so mean to Cinderella.

What it is like to be in a coach that turn back into a pumkin.


My only criticisms of the movie are petty and the only reason I bring them up now is because they annoyed me in the film.   There are a couple of scenes that the swirling and camera movements were to much for me.  One I won't mention because I think it is spoilery, but the others where when Cinderella gets her ball gown and the other the ball scene. 


My boys and I give this 3 thumbs up.  One for each of us.


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DIStracted Life Contest – Win a $25 Disney Gift Card


Answer these questions below and email them to :


Entries must be received by March 27, 2015 midnight central time.


What is your favorite Disney attraction (and why if you want)?

What is your favorite Disney destination snack?


What topic would you like to hear on the podcast?

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In this episode we continue our conversation with Angie Muma as she tells us about her Disney Cruise Line Vacations with a focus on Castaway Cay and Shore Excursions.

Contact the show at : 262-417-7235


Castaway Cay has a great page with information on Castaway Cay.

Disney's own private island.  There is no tendering, the ship has a pier for access to the island.  This is a nice for ease of getting off and on multiple times through the day.

Serenity Bay is the adult only beach.

Family Beach as well.

There are trams that can help you get to the beach since the walk could be a little long.

Angie participated on both of her cruises on parasailing with her daughter.  They loved it.

Rentals on the island are additional charge.  Bikes, snorkel gears and others.

Character meet and greets are available through out the day.

Splash Pads for the little kids are available.

Pelican Plunge is the older kid play area that has water features and slides.  There are life jackets for children if needed.

Lunch is provided on shore at 2 locations with drink stations.  Your lunch is included.

Cabanas are available for an additional charge.  $549 on the family beach.  Angie was able to use one on one of her cruises.  They are very nice with a place to get out of the sun, furniture to rest on, a mini-fridge with soda and water, and fruit.  The cabana also has hammocks for use and includes your snorkel gear.  

Shore Excurions

Angie went on a couple of shore excursions at her ports and booked through Disney.  Pay attention to age limits when selecting your excursions when traveling with young children.

Grand Cayman - Angie and her daughter participated in the swimming with the dolphins.  After the dolphin experience, they then went over to the turtle farm.

Costa Maya - They did not book a shore excursion.  However they did venture over to Starbucks to use the Wi-Fi and send messages to family.  The ship was less crowded.  They enjoyed the pool with low crowds.

Cozumel - Catamaran Boat Ride and Snorkeling.  About a 30 minute ride to snorkeling location.  She enjoyed the snorkeling and saw a lot of interesting fish and coral.  After snorkeling they went to a beach that had inflatables and slides to have fun at.

Bahamas - Bird sanctuary where you could feed the birds with a flamingo show. It also included a city tour.


You are provided forms you will need to fill out and are provided luggage tags.

2 ways to disembark.

Regular process is you place your luggage outside your room the night before with the luggage tags and your room attendant will take them off the ship.

Express Walk Off is when you leave the ship a little earlier and you keep your luggage with you.  Notify your attendant for this option.  If you have an early flight this may be an option.  Do not book a return flight home before noon.


 Fish Extenders

On the outside of your stateroom is a decorative fish or sea horse that Disney can use to leave (clip) little messages to you.  Reminders about dining reservations, etc.  People will hang little bags of the fish is how the name fish extender was created.  Cruisers would create groups on online Dinsey communities and then do a small gift exchange for the members of the group. This is not Disney sponsored, you will need to seek out a group yourself.  


Bring Items on Board to Decorate

You can bring 2 items per room to drop off at guest services and have the characters sign for you.   You can chose between the Fab 5 or the Princesses or both.  Picture mats, pillow cases, and Vinylmations are good choices.


Door Decoration

You can decorate your stateroom door.  Do not use any adhesive or advertise for a business.   



Tipping is included on your stateroom charges.  You are provided envelopes to pass out to the waiters and stateroom attendants.


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This episode we discuss my family's May vacation and the trip planning we have done.  I share our planning strategies with our budget and the starting of making the daily itinerary.


Show Notes are at

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This episode is a continuation of the trip reports with Angie Muma on her 4-Night and 7-Night cruise vacations.

In this episode we continue learning about all the fun things there are to do on a Disney ship.  



A daily guide with your information for the day of all the activities.  It is delivered the night before so you can plan ahead.  It includes all your information from the theme for the day and what the times are for all of the activities and shows.  Tip is to bring highlighters so you can mark the items you really want to do for the day.

Daily Activities often include:

Alcohol Tastings, Towel Animal Creation, Movies, Shopping, Character Meet and Greet, Magicians, Trivia, Officer Pin Trading

Funnel Vision is a great way to be in the pool and watch a movie they project on one of the ships funnels.  

Nightime theatrical shows are in the Walt Disney Theater.


Midship Detective Agency

A game that is played on the ship, where you need to solve a mystery.  You sign up at kiosks.   You receive a card that identifys you in the game and then you work through 'Cases' to solve the mystery.  

3 Cases

101 Dalmations, Muppets, and Disney Villians.

As you plan the game you go up to specialty marked paintings to interact with them, recieving your clues.  Once you get to a certain spot, they ask you who committed the crime and then you go capture the suspect.

The game can be played at your own pace.  You can stop and start as often as you want.   This is repeatable.  The Cases have alternate endings and you can have a different experience on a re-play.   



Mickey Pool - shallow pool for younger kids

Donald Pool  - deeper for older kids

Quiet Cove Pool - Adult only

Nemo's Reef - toddler area splash pad

AquaLab - splash pad for older kids

Mickey Slide - Normal pool slide with a couple of twists

AquaDuck - water coaster that is in an enclosed tune that does extend over the side of the ship.


Pirates Nights

You are encouraged to dress up as a pirate.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique does pirate makeovers for both boys and girls on the Disney Fantasy.


Kids Clubs

There are different clubs for different ages.  3-12 yr olds are in the Oceaneer Club and Lab.  The Edge is for Tweens.  The Vibe is for teens.

Variety of activities are done throughout the day.


Wave Phone

A small phone for you to carry around to keep in contact while on the ship.


You can find more information about the podcast over at:



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This episode continues the trip report from Angie Muma's Disney Cruise vacations.   We focus on the staterooms and the many dining options on-board the ships.  This is part 2 of what is anticpated to be a 4 part series.


DIStracted Life Podcast

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I share my family's trip report to the Disneyland Resort.  We are Walt Disney World veterans and this was our first Disneyland vacation.  We stayed at the Grand Californian Resort.  

 Find more information the show notes at :



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In this Episode you get an overview of Disney Cruise Line.  Angie Muma tells us about her experiences from her 2 recent cuises.  She was on a 4 night Bahamian cruise and a 7 night Western Caribbean. This is part 1 of a 3 part interview with Angie.

You can read the full show notes at:


Contact me at:


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