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Dinner Show over at Fort Wilderness.  Guest: Angie Muma 

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Guest Bridget Stoiber tells us about her 5 night trip and the runDisney events.

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Guest:  Tara Schoenfeld


We discuss the Walt Disney World dining plans.


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Guest:  Angie Muma


We take a look at the past year of the Frozen phenomenon.


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Episode 5

 Why We Go To Disney for main show information.

With Thanksgiving approaching this week, I wanted to take time to talk about one of things I am thankful for and that is my family has been able to take many Disney vacations. I realize how blessed we are and that for some families this is a once in a lifetime trip.


When I got my first  “grown-up” job, you know with actual benefits and a living wage, my supervisor prided herself that she vacationed at the same place every year and at the same hotel.  At the time I thought that was so bizarre.  Not only bizarre, but BORING!  Why would you want to take a similar vacation every year?


Now I get the questions asked of me about our Disney trips.  Why do you want to go to theme parks for vacation?  Why Disney?  We can ride roller coasters at Kings Island, Great America, Cedar Point (insert any other non-Disney theme park) for much less.  How do you afford it? That is a topic for another show!   It is expensive and there are ways to keep the cost down, but I am not going to lie.  Disney is not a cheap vacation.    However today we are tackling the personal decisions of my family.


First Ryan and I are theme park kind of people.  We always have been.   Our honeymoon was at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio.  Our first big vacation after our “grown-up” jobs was to Walt Disney World.  We had a blast.  Does Disney have the extreme-thrill rides that Cedar Point has?  Of course not.  But they have something that is hard to put into words.  It really is just Magical there.  You can suspend being an adult for a while and just enjoy exploring all the details that are around the park.  You can have the type of vacation you want.  Slow and relaxed…. Eating at fine dining from world renowned chefs.  Or you can Go, Go, Go and see how many attractions you can get on in a day. 


On our second trip we were lucky and stayed at the Beach Club Resort (bounce back offer from the first trip. SCORE!).  Because of the closeness to EPCOT we spent a lot of time there.  At this time, we were still fairly newly married and didn’t even think of kids yet.  World Showcase to us was this wish list of places we would like to travel someday.  Japan, China, Mexico, the United Kingdom.   We knew that travel would be a part of our family.  We both loved seeing what the world had to offer.  I remember especially on this trip being amazed by the Japan pavilion.  My brother was in the military and spent time there with his service.  It made me feel connected in a small way to him.  Silly probably.  But it did.


We then took a couple of years off from Disney to experience some cruise vacations.  But then we were back at Disney it just felt like home.   We knew our way around.  We had the lay of the land already figured out.   However Disney is always changing things.  Improving or swapping in a new parade here or show there.  Especially now and for the next several years with the known expansions and the rumored ones, Disney is changing rapidly.  In its essence it is still the mouse and the castle and wishes for a magical tomorrow.


We then adopted our first son from China.  We knew immediately where we wanted his first vacation to be.  It was on this trip and seeing Walt Disney World through his eyes that we knew this was our vacation destination for the next several years.  We bought Disney Vacation Club on this trip.  We have been to a Disney park every year since.  Even as I mentioned before introducing our second son to Disney in Hong Kong only after being in our family for 10 days.   These vacations give us priceless memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. 


I am going to share some of them now.  You are probably going to laugh because most of them are so small. But they are priceless to us.


·         Ryan and I on our first trip at Magic Kingdom after an E-ticket night.  This was the precursor to Extra Magic Hours and we paid to get to stay in the park for more hours after closing.  We rode Splash Mountain 3 times without getting off because the park was so empty.  On the way out walking down Main Street practically to ourselves.  Priceless.

·         Once we had our oldest, Ryan and I never got around to having proper date nights.   One an early trip, we took Evan up to the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower in a stroller to watch the fireworks.  He fell asleep, so Ryan and I had a semi- date night with him in the stroller next to us.  We had a couple of drinks and watched the fireworks.  It was such a nice time for us.

·         Evan (our oldest son) his first favorite was the teacups.  We have video of him riding it.  He didn’t seem to enjoy it, but kept asking to get back on.  

o   He started asking when we could go back to our “Disney” home after the first trip. 

o   We made him ride the Tower of Terror when he really didn’t want us to.  He constantly reminds us that he will not ride THAT Elevator!

o   In Hong Kong Disneyland, Snow White made eye contact with him from a parade float and blew him a kiss.  The sheer joy on his face when that happened was enough to melt any mammas heart.

o   At the Grand Californian lobby while Ryan was checking in, both boys, but especially Evan cackled with laughter over the old time Mickey Mouse cartoons. 

·         Joel (our youngest) has always been about speed.  He is small for his age.  I went off to ride at Disney’s California Adventure, the roller coaster California Screamin.   While I was gone he cried non-stop.  We thought that it was just that I had gone.  We later realized that he was mad he didn’t get to ride.  

o   When Joel enjoys anything he does his little happy dance and jumps around and claps his hands.  He does that almost continually at Disney.

o   On the trip from his past summer his phrase was “Go fast”.  “Joel go fast”

o   At the Frozen sing-a-long , he not only sang-a-long, but he did it louder than anyone else while being off key.


These are literally just the moments I came up with while typing as fast as my fingers would go.  We love it there.  We think Disney destinations encourage the imagination and freedom to explore all the possibilities whether they are probable or not.  You can just let go and have fun.   Can you do this on another vacation?  Sure.  Is it the same?  Not in my opinion.


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones in your life you are thankful for. 





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Episode 4

Nov 17th, 2014

Guest : Ryan Slusher


Disney’s Magical Express Part 2


Disney’s Free transfer service.  Follow-up on items we forgot to talk about on Episode 2.

Setup your ME when you book, or you can call in to reserve later if you haven’t booked your flights yet. 



If you arrive at Orlando International past 10pm, you will need to pick your luggage up at baggage claim.  It will not be automatically transferred to your resort.


Another tidbit if you do not receive your yellow baggage tags before your trip, keep your baggage claim tags from your airline and you can provide that information to the Magical Express staff upon arrival.  Your luggage could be transferred with that information to your resort. 


For departure after your vacation, the night before you check out they will leave a letter for you on your room door.  You will need to give the letter to the bus driver, so keep it with you.  Magical Express pick-up is in designated areas at the front of each resort.    The letter will state the pick-up time.  It is typically 3 hours before your flight time.   The bus will not wait.  Arrive at least 10 minutes early.


 Resort Airline Check-in

Check in for your flight at the resort.  You need to do this at least 3 hours before your flight.  Only open from 5am-1pm.  They will take your checked bags at this time and transport them to the airport.

 Participating airlines and more details can be found here:



Luxury bowling alley with restaurant at Downtown Disney West Side.


Ryan enjoyed the food.  He went specifically for the sushi rolls.  They also offer pizza, chicken, and salads.  Ryan enjoyed the Fantasy Roll for $18.  Great place for a group that has varying tastes. 


Bowling prices:

Monday - Friday

Before 4pm: $15 per person

After 4pm: $20 per person


Saturday – Sunday $20 per person


Bowling is timed:  Starts at 3 people you will get an hour to bowl.  Adding people increases your bowling time. 


There is a 20% discount on bowling and 10% discount on food  if you book a Disney vacation package. There are cast member, DVC, and AP discounts as well.





Indoor electronic interactive and classic games. 3D games.  Surprised to see Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero.   5 floors.  2 locations for eating. 

 Prices run $45 per adult and $39 per child.  14 years or older to go without adult supervision. 

 2 vouchers per package for a Magic Your Way vacation package.


Disney Springs

Downtown Disney Expansion


We talked about being excited for the 2 new restaurants announced for 2015.   Chef Morimoto from the TV show Iron Chef  will open Morimoto Asia.  That is what Ryan and Kim are most looking forward to.  Also there is a restaurant called The Boathouse.  You can read more about each here on the Disney Parks blog:



You can find me at :

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Episode 3 - Nov 10th, 2014


Today’s guest is Lee Ann Sampson.


Mickey’s Backyard BBQ

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort – Pavilion area.

Disney Dining Plan it is 2 credits or costs $59.99 per adult and $36.99 for 3-9 years old.

Official Disney link:

 Operates Thursdays and Saturdays March through December.

 Food: Ribs, Smoked Chicken, Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob, watermelon.  Drinks included (lemonade, soda, ea) including wine and beer.

Dancing with Disney friends.

Tip: Take the boat from Magic Kingdom to get to the dinner .  Nice ride and you can avoid using the internal bus at Fort Wilderness to get back to the Pavilion.  The boat will let you off within walking distance to the Pavilion.

 This was the highlight of Lee Ann’s trip several years ago.  She enjoyed the food and the character interaction.


Parasailing at the Contemporary

 We have a blog on our website.

 Fun and easy to access at the Contemporary Resort. 

Lee Ann was worried about a parasailing incident from a couple of years ago.    Here is the link to the accident.

Disney’s parasailing is super safe.    They even postponed our parasailing because of high winds.



Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village

In a 2 bedroom villa.

We have a blog on our website.

 Lee Ann gave her opinions.  She thought the resort was beautiful and well maintained, but preferred her stay at All-Star Movies.  She prefers the Disney atmosphere  likes the Disney character themeing best. 


Sanford International Airport

Sanford is located 50 miles from Walt Disney property.

Small airport and she was able to find a terrific fare out of Huntington WV.

Sanford does not offer Disney’s Magical Express, so travelers need to rent a car or arrange transportation themselves.  

She traveled with Tiffany Towncar in a mini-van.

The cost was $246 for round trip. We struggled with using them or renting a car for the week.  We ultimately decided convenience won out, since we really only planned on using the rental car if we would have gotten one, to go to and from the airports.


Ending Questions:


Favorite part of the trip this past July.

Frozen Summer Fun Package.


What would you change if we could plan it again?

Not travel in July.


If you were going to Disney World in 2015, where would you stay and what time of year would you travel?

Anytime other than summer.  Spring or Fall to avoid Christmas crowds.  Stay back at a value resort.


Are you excited for Toy Story 4?

 Lee Ann is hoping that 4 will be more appealing to her than 3.  She wasn’t a big fan of the third movie.


You can find me (Kim/host) at :

Podcast Sponsor.  This is where the show notes will be.   Also there is a contact form on the podcast page.

 Email at

 Facebook at: life

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Guest: Ryan Slusher tells us about his trip in October 2014.

POV Videos on Youtube. 

Point of View videos to see an attraction before you travel.  Helpful for those who may be intimidated by some rides.  Aid in FastPass + selections.
Our favorite from this past summer.
Disney’s Magical Express
Disney’s Free transfer service.
Setup your ME when you book, or you can call in to reservations later if you haven’t booked your flights yet.  
Airport side B located 2 levels down on same level as Car Rental counters.

Port Orleans Riverside
Food Court – Riverside Mill 
Get a taste of New Orleans at this food court by the big mill wheel that powers a working cotton press. Six stations satisfy any craving: bakery, grill, pizza & pasta, specialties, salads and a carving station. Grab ’n’ go items are available. 
Boat Wrights – Table Service 

Carriage Rides
Surrey Bikes and regular bike to rent.
Fishing cane poles
Cajun Campfire Activities
Medicine Show Arcade

Piano YeeHaw Bob in the River Roost Lounge
Main Pool-  Old Man Island pool, Nice slide and had a pool bar off to the side.  
5 additional pools in the room area.

Aligator Bayou-  All except the wheelchair accessible sleep 5 (2 queens beds and a fold down bed for a child). 
Magnolia Bend – Mansions  4 building and 2 of the 4 have been converted to the Royal guest rooms.

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In this episode I explain more about who I am, why I started this podcast, and where you can join me if you also have a DIStracted Life.


You will find me, my blog posts, and the main show notes over at

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